Who We Work For

The range of services proposed by Newrest SOS remains incredibly diverse: administrative work, obtaining oil authorizations, staff transport, explosives transport, safety and environmental assistance, office rental, staff recruitment and supply, travel agency, ship supply, maintenance and cleaning and, of course, catering.

Who We Are

Newrest SOS  a one-stop-shop company providing integrated logistics, manpower, catering and remote site services to various industries worldwide.

Our Commitment

Newrest SOS is committed to its employees, its customers and its suppliers in essential areas: delicious, balanced meals, product and service quality and hygiene, respect for human rights and working conditions, respect for the environment and the fight against corruption.

Business Target

To face challenges with a lot of ambition in commercial, operational and financial terms to restore its economic performance, develop Newrest Group traditional activities and capitalise on the strength of our network to share Newrest SOS long-standing know-how in support services.

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Business Segments

NewrestSOS a one-stop-shop company providing all the logistics and manpower support services to upstream and downstream Oil and Gas, Mining, Constructions Geothermal/Renewal Energy and other related industries here and abroad.

More than 30 years of successful experience servicing the oil and gas and other related industry.

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19th Floor The Pearlbank Centre
146 Valero Street, Salcedo Village,
Makati City 1227

Phone: +632 817-8919

Achieving Your Goals is Our First Priority